MyBIZCard – Welcome to Another One of the Profile Tools in the Social Media Solar System

Here’s one of the newest profile tools in the Social Media Solar System. It is called MyBizCard. It is one of the zillions of points or stars in the social media solar system. Granted it is not a major player. But it feels like a synergy is establishing itself.

Each new app adds to the connection. It is not a matter as much which apps one chooses or how many one selects. The essence is to create the connectivity, the buzz, the web of live wires. You know when you have woven it. You can feel it and your stats reflect it.

A popular question and the topic of many a blog post is how many and which apps to use. There are purists and then there are adventurers. I am an adventurer. I go with my gut. I join many apps. I have no idea how many. Some I find I use often. Some gather dust.

Some are my favorites at a certain time. At other times, I cannot be bothered with them. For example, I used to think that facebook was the cat’s pajamas. I still recommend having a facebook profile and even a business page or two.

But facebook has so much clutter and so many social distractions. Games drive me crazy. I hate being invited to play them. Although facebook is still number one, there are other major social media apps that totally bear recognition and use. They include twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

One could say that these five are the heavy hitters, the major planets in our immediate solar system. But they are by no means the sum and substance of our universe. These other zillion apps that were referred to at the beginning of this blog post create the stars, the pixie dust or that which composes the connective tissue of the universe.

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Although the focus of the above Infographic, cut into a slide show, is not exactly on point with this blog post, it is fascinating that the concept of a solar system is also used to visualize social media.

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