Effective Marketing Strategies

The Abc’s Of Business Marketing


Your business and brand beg to be up-to-speed with their online marketing efforts. How can you cater to the message and voice of your business if you aren’t a marketing master with a MBA and all the famed diplomas on the wall? Self-study and experience is the answer for most entrepreneurs anyway — instead of worrying about failure, the successful will tell you to embrace each failure and unwrap it to find the lesson contained within. These four pillars of business marketing can get you started off on the right foot.

Branding: This makes up the look and visuals of your brand. Branding can be the colors you use repeatedly, the fonts, a mascot, the logo and more. The way to start off excellent with branding is to have some sort of intentionality around your branding plan rather than just picking colors and themes randomly — or just according to the CEOs taste.

Online Marketing: According to a recent Magna Global study (http://www.wsj.com/articles/digital-ad-spending-in-u-s-to-surpass-television-spending-in-2016-1444937398), digital marketing budgets are expected to exceed television as the number one spot in marketing budget spend across the board, by 2017. If your brand is more focused in print and traditional mediums, you’ll be in the minority, outdated group within about two years.

Traditional Marketing: Now that the digital marketing platforms have been introduced, it would only be fair to give some credit to the traditional mediums — television, radio, newspaper and billboards still all serve their place. Generally, the issue with traditional mediums outside of their non-trendy status is their cost. The average cost of a brand impression to a target audience member is much higher on traditional versus digital mediums.

Word-Of-Mouth: Excellent customer service, sourcing leads through referrals and previous customers are all ways of leveraging the “word-of-mouth” marketing approach. The benefit here is the notion of a “warm lead.” Someone who is referred to a business is statically anywhere from 6-100x more likely to make a purchase than a cold lead, according to this lattice-engines report (http://lattice-engines.com/blog/cross-selling-referrals-upselling-colleen-francis).

Just having a compass and a map will allow you to find the way to your destination. The experience of taking the trip and traversing the terrain multiple times will only make it easier for you to do the process again and again. Marketing and business development are a trip for any entrepreneur trying to bring a useful product or service into the marketplace. How you perform along with the brand you represent will have everything to do with the marketing approach you take and the other important considerations entrepreneurs must face on a daily basis.

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